Eye Disease and Condition Management

Unfortunately, there are several eye conditions and diseases that may be affecting your eyesight and/or have long term consequences if not treated properly or promptly.  Our doctors are able to treat almost all eye diseases and conditions with "big city" technology and many of the same pieces of equipment you'd find at an Ophthalmologist's office.  Although this list is not exhaustive, we treat:


Amblyopia (Lazy Eye)


Computer Vision Syndrome

Diabetic Eye Disease

Dry Eye Syndrome


Macular Degeneration

Strabismus (Crossed Eyes)


In the event you need a specialist, our optometrists will help schedule your appointments, ensure the specialist has the information needed to treat you before your appointment (saving you the effort of pulling records together), and in the case of surgery, provide you with pre-operative and post-operative care.  All of these things save you time, money and travel.  Just one more service Vision Care provides on a daily basis.


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