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You can expect only the best and most thorough comprehensive exams at both of our Vision Care locations.  Our staff members are extensively trained and will make sure you understand everything during your visit to our office, from check-in, to insurance, to the pretests performed to get you ready for the doctor.   


At Vision Care, everything is explained in layman's terms.  It is important to us that you understand your eyes, eyecare, and long term needs.  We want you to ask as many questions as needed... in fact, we love to answer them because we know you'll walk away with a full understanding of what we've discussed.


Did you know that your eyes can often reveal systemic disease or problems?  During an exam, our optometrists will get a look at a bare nerve, artery and vein without cutting which many times can reveal systemic diseases that are affecting your entire body.  Just one more reason to get your eyes checked regularly.


Do you have kids needing exams?  At Vision Care, we know that for a child to have a good eye exam, it takes a patient, caring staff, and of course, excellent knowledge.  But, we also know that for a child to have a GREAT exam, sometimes it requires us to go the extra mile, swallow all of our pride and just be downright silly!  We realize that and will happy join in to ensure your child has the very best experience possible.  



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